“Spring has come again. The Earth is
Like a child that has learned to recite a poem;”

Rainer Maria Rilke

In Trentino, springtime is the story of nature’s awakening. A story that changes, territory by territory, week after week. Conditioned by the climate, the altitude, the proximity of lakes and rivers, the characteristics of soil and crops, flowers, animals and plants retrace their tireless ritual of rebirth and give us moments of ancient beauty and pure vital energy.
In collaboration with the Trentino Nature Parks and Networks of Reserves, with the Muse and the Civic Museum of Rovereto, we will tell you the secrets of the spring of Trentino, bringing you to territories famous for their biodiversity and for the enchantment of the flowering season.
The proposals include various activities like botanical excursions to search and discover the rarest and most beautiful species, through delicious tastings and useful laboratories, which will teach us to make sustainable cosmetic products.