The awakening of the forest at sunrise in the Stelvio National Park

At sunrise, in the Stelvio National Park, you will witness the extraordinary show of the awakening of the forest inhabitants in spring.

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April 2018

In the Stelvio National Park the winter season lasts until April, when the first buds recall the ungulates. They are really hungry after the long and difficult winter. When the good weather comes, deer and roe deer come out slowly from the forest and look out onto meadows, especially during the night hours.

We will meet in Baita Scaia for a dinner with an expert of the Stelvio National Park, which will introduce us to the theme of the nature awakening in spring. Then everyone will go to sleep early to wake up in time for sunrise. We will spend a few hours in the woods trying to see the flocks of ungulates moving in the night. We will use a thermal camera, a particular camera able of perceiving infrared radiation, to see them without disturbing. With the first light of the morning these herbivores will return to take refuge in the thickest woods, hiding from the prying eyes of men.

For any information call 348.0176732 or write to

Meeting point Saturday 28st April at Baita Scaia
What to wear Suitable clothing for night excursions in the forest, trekking shoes
Price Adults: 30 euro
Children under 14: 24 euro
Children under 6: free
Organization, dinner, excursion with a park guide

You can book online either the only experience of dinner and excursion at sunset, or the experience combined with the overnight stay at the facilities in the area below. The excursions will only take place with a minimum of 6 participants.

(Photo of the deer by Mattia Dori)

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