Phototrekking with Marco Urso in Non Valley

The show of the blooming nature in springtime: a photographic workshop with Marco Urso, a professional photographer

From Friday 27th to Sunday 29th April 2018

With whom
Marco Urso
is a wildlife and reportage photographer and journalist. He publishes and writes for the Italian magazines Oasis and Natura and in English and German for the magazine Go Elsewhere. His images have been exposed in museums and shows in Washington, London, Dublin, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cologne, Singapore and in various Italian cities.
He was a finalist or winner of the most important international competitions such as those of National Geographic, Nature Best, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Travel Photographer of the Year, Glanzlichter, Big Print, European Photographer of the Year.
Over the past three years, he has received more than 150 international awards. He was appointed “Author of the Year Italy 2017”. Founder and Director of the Academy of Photography. He visited 74 countries.


Tuesday 27th April
We will meet at the Cultural Centre of Anaunia Casa de Gentili in Sanzeno at 6 pm for a short presentation of the workshop.

Saturday 28th April
We will spent the day in a photographic trekking in the nature to capture the beauty of the blooms, with the professional photographer Marco Urso. There will be the possibility to test the Fuji equipment.

The Val di Non in blossom is an incredible show. At first glance it appears to us as a reassuring succession of terracing densely cultivated with apple orchards, but in its bowels it conceals an intricate system of very deep gorges dug in millennia by the explosive force of water. We will pass through very different environments, discovering the strategies that plants have carried out to ensure propagation. From the shy feminine flower of the hazel (Corylus avellana) that entrusts its future to the wind, to the more specialized and showy orchids, such as the Ophrys insectifera that imitates in appearance the insect that will attract to be pollinated.

We will leave by foot from Romeno, an altitude limit for the queen cultivation of Val di Non: the apple. The apple orchards are alternated with mowing fields whose scents of blooms will be found in local cheeses. Through the woods we will reach Dambel, one of the three entrances to the Novella River Park where we will find one of the most spectacular canyons that characterize the most hidden and unexpected part of the valley, the undisputed kingdom of mosses and hepatic. The steep slopes, wisely planted with apple orchards, slope down into rugged landscapes which are accessible in complete safety. We will arrive in San Biagio after a few ups and downs in the coolness of the gorge and the woods, and there we will appreciate the view of Santa Giustina lake and the Brenta Dolomites. The good exposure of the slopes and the climate mitigated by the lake will let us discover botanical species more typically Mediterranean. The return is provided in a comfortable shuttle bus.

Length of the trekking: 9 km

Sunday 29th April
In the morning we will stay in the classroom to discover post-production tools and techniques.

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fujifilm_logo   The workshop is organized in collaboration with Fujifilm

Meeting point  Friday, April 27th at the Cultural Center of Anaunia Casa de Gentili in Sanzeno
What to wear Suitable clothing for spring excursions in the mountains, trekking shoes
Organization, 2 days of photographic trekking with a professional photographer, possibility to test the Fuji equipment

It is possible to book online both the photographic trekking experience and a holiday package including the experience and an overnight stay of 2 nights in one of the tourist accomodations indicated below.
The departure of the excursions, and therefore the validity of the bookings (including the holiday packages), needs a minimum number of 6 participants.

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