Stelvio National Park

Listen to the deer’s bellow in the nocturnal quietness of the Stelvio National Park’s forests

At the beginning of the last century Guido Castelli, a naturalist from Trentino, wrote that “when the deer is in love shouts, roars, thunders, hisses”. Four verbs to describe the deer’s bellow, one of the most exciting natural sounds to human knowledge: a mysterious and unforgettable wild signal.


At 6.30 pm guests will be welcomed at the Park Visitors’ Centre – in Peio or Rabbi as specified here below – with a tasting of local products. A scientific presentation and an excursion with the Park’s guide will follow. During the excursion the guests will have the opportunity to use a thermal camera to see the infrared radiation emitted by animals. This tool will allow the guests to see in the darkness the forests life by showing images that reveal the life habits of deers and of other inhabitants of the night.
The return is scheduled at 10.30/11 pm.

For further information please call +39.348.0176732 or write to

Departure location Wednesday, 19th September, at 6.30 pm at the Park Visitors Centre in Rabbi;
Saturday, 22nd September, at 
6.30 pm at the Visitors Centre of the Park in Cogolo di Peio;
Tuesday, 25th September
at 6.30 pm at the Visitors Centre of the Park in Cogolo di Peio;
Friday, 28th September
at 6.30 pm at the Park Visitors Centre in Rabbi;
Monday, 1st October
at 6.30 pm at the Park Visitors Centre in Rabbi;
Thursday, 4th October
at 6.30 pm at the Visitors Centre of the Park in Cogolo di Peio
Price and reductions Adults: 40 euro
Children between 7 and 14: 20 euro
Children under 6: free
What to wear Clothing suitable for autumn and evening mountain hikes
Organization, experience of listening to the deer’s bellow with guided excursion, tasting of local products
Simple, suitable also for children who like to walk in the mountains
Weather In case of bad weather, the experience will be cancelled and re-proposed on another date or fully refunded

It is possible to book online both the deer’s bellow experience and a holiday package including the experience and an overnight stay of 1 night in one of the tourist accomodations indicated below. The departure of the excursions, and therefore the validity of the bookings (including the holiday packages), needs a minimum number of 6 participants.

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