3 days
Stelvio National Park

Mattia Dori is one of the most appreciated and innovative photographers of landscape and wildlife in Trentino. His expertise will guide you through woods and mountains, observing and studying the behaviors and habits of animals. with him we will learn how to take pictures of wild animals and amazing landscape. We will discuss photographic technique and animal biology. There will be a moment for sharing the shots and understand how to improve.

Departure location At 6 pm, place to be defined
What to wear Clothing suitable for mountain trekking
Organization, photographic workshop, two trekking with a guide of the Stelvio National Park, packed lunch on Saturday and Sunday
Duration 3 days
Difficulty The excursions are simple
Weather In case of bad weather, the experience will be cancelled and re-proposed on another date or fully refunded

Pictures of Mattia Dori


I was born and raised in Trentino and since I was child I loved wandering through the woods and mountains totally immersed in nature, observing and studying the behavior and habits of animals. The passion for photography came later, on the occasion of the first trips, with the analog and films in black and white. Nature and photography have become one thing, at first with landscape photography and later with animals. Now most of my photos portray the alpine wildlife, but I also love to travel and find the animals that as a child I dreamed watching documentaries on television. With photography I try also to give an artistic and personal vision of what nature has to offer: unusual viewpoints, warm grazing lights and especially the “bad” weather. I firmly believe that to undertake this type of activity the knowledge of the animals that we are going to capture and the environment in which we immerse ourselves is truly necessary, but above all, the total respect for nature.

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